The SubOptic 2019 ‘Wet Technology’ topic will be led by Olivier Gautheron, Chief Technology Officer, ASN. These sessions will delve into the current specifications of fibers, cables, repeaters and branching units, and what future designs must improve upon to meet system needs

Additional areas to be covered include:

  • Open submarine Networks
  • Unrepeatered systems
  • System Powering
  • Power budgets

It is my pleasure to coordinate the review of submissions dealing with the “Wet Technology” topic of SubOptic 2019. This topic targets all technologies at stake in submarine optical telecommunications networks : cable, repeaters, branching units, fiber, gain equalizers, power feeding as well as specific technologies involved in unrepeated systems; last but not least, this topic will also address the challenges raised by the recent concept of open networks, such as open line design and software API’s. Since SubOptic 2010, coherent detection has been the main technical revolution in our submarine networks, providing a ten-fold increase of cable capacity. In the scope of optimizing the cost/bit or increasing further the networks capacity as well as flexibility through R-OADM, significant innovations of wet technologies (WSS, SDM,…) are now back in the limelight. A fascinating program indeed!

– Olivier Gautheron, Chief Technology Officer

Papers Vice Chair, Wet Technology
Olivier Gautheron, Chief Technology Officer

Graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique (Paris) in 1986, Olivier Gautheron is Chief Technology Officer within Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN) where he has been working for more than 25 years.  Olivier started his career in Alcatel as research engineer, working first on coherent detection, optical amplification and WDM systems. He presented tutorials at SubOptic 2001 and SubOptic 2004 related to the transmission technologies involved in submarine networks.