Dr. Stuart Barnes of Xtera is interviewed by SubTel Forum in his capacity as SubOptic 2019 Program Chair to talk about the upcoming conference in New Orleans.SubOptic Program Chair Interviewed by SubTel Forum

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April 2, 2018

The 2019 event is lucky to have Dr. Stuart Barnes, Xtera at the helm. His 35+ years of experience in the industry makes him the ideal candidate to oversee the creation of sessions and learning opportunities for the 1,000+ attendees expected to attend the SubOptic 2019 event in New Orleans, LA on 8-11 April, 2019.

Dr. Barnes candidly answers several questions in his interview with SubTel Forum’s March issue regarding his experience, insights about the upcoming event and more.

“SubOptic is the only Conference ‘for the industry by the industry.’ The telecoms industry is hot at the moment, but when it inevitably cools a little, other conferences will slip away, SubOptic will survive and prosper.” Said Dr. Barnes.

He goes on to state “SubOptic tends to be more educational in all topic areas, whereas many other conferences are more focused on networking and commercial elements of the business. By ‘educational’ I am not just talking technology. We have tackled a range of technological issue over the years from Coherent to Plough Burial, all points in between.”

Dr. Barnes also provides details on the goal of the papers committee for the 2019 event — to increase the conference scope and bring in a greater level of regional interest and diversity.

In 2019 there will be Regional Ambassadors chosen to broaden the reach and suggest topics from the four corners of the world.

The Papers committee is diligently working this month on the details for paper submissions and plans announce a call for papers in mid-April.

If you’d like to view the topic areas and Vice Chair that oversees these topics, go to https://suboptic2019.com/suboptic-2019-conference-program/

The entire interview with Dr. Stuart Barnes can be downloaded and read at http://subtelforum.com/products/subtel-forum-magazine/ on page 70.