A Note From The SubOptic 2019 Programme Committee

The SubOptic 2019 Programme Committee provides a brief overview of the status of the conference technical program. Suboptic 2019 will be held in New Orleans on 8-11 April 2019.Blog Post
April 20, 2018

Suboptic 2019 will be held in New Orleans on 8-11 April 2019, and we’re just a year away. Long enough to forget! Not so!

SubOptic has long been differentiated by focusing on technical matters impacting OUR community. These range from legal and geopolitical challenges through marine to highly technical transmission techniques. That means that the SubOptic 2019 Programme Committee is already working extremely hard to ensure that the Master Classes and Technical Papers are informative, engaging, and contemporary. Our Papers Committee Co-Chairs Marc-Richard Fortin and Stephen Dawe will shortly be issuing the rallying Call for Papers.

More detail on the Master Classes can be found on our website

Our theme for the conference is To the Beach and Beyond – Rethinking Global Networks, which to an extent, sets the scene. The theme represents two of the greatest challenges OUR industry is addressing; the consequences of the tectonic shift from telephony to data consumption and the rapid repositioning of Points of Presence in both a physical and global sense.

We see a number of sub-themes that warrant addressing, along with the major technical consequence of these trends.

  • Diversity – It’s not a surprise that an industry built on telegraphy initially (big heavy cables and sail and coal driven ships) had an excess of testosterone, but this is not essential with today’s systems.
  • Demographics – We’re an ageing community, which is certainly reflected in attendance terms and with the recent growth spurts, we need to address this sooner rather than later.
  • Finally, Globalisation – Through our Regional Ambassadors, we’re hoping to encourage a broader level of attendance and contribution.

Join us in a year’s time and watch this space, as the SubOptic Programme Committee will provide more depth on Diversity, Demographics, and Globalisation.  

2019 Programme Committee: Stuart Barnes, Ian Clarke, Stephen Dawe, Marc-Richard Fortin, Brian Lavallée, Karen Nyholm,  Shota Masuda, Lynsey Thomas, Keith Shaw and Alice Shelton