A Look at Program Topics for SubOptic 2019 – Part 1

The official “Call for Papers” is on the immediate horizon, so we thought we’d give you a brief summary of the first four topics to be addressed at the event at the SubOptic 2019 event in New Orleans, 8-11 April.Blog Post
April 12, 2018

The official “Call for Papers” is on the immediate horizon, so we thought we’d give you a brief summary of the first four topics to be addressed at the event at the SubOptic 2019 event in New Orleans, 8-11 April.

For those young professionals, new to the event, this program is truly “for the industry, by the industry.”  And therefore, requires great collaboration and participation from industry experts and presenters.

The process, greatly simplified, goes like so:

  1. Industry professionals submit papers to the committee on one or more of eight topics.
  2. Papers are reviewed and selections are made.
  3. Authors of selected papers are contacted and requested to present at the 2019 event based on the ideas/theories etc. in their paper.
  4. Presenters are slotted into the schedule and become part of the program.

The “Call for Papers” later this month will provide all the details on deadlines and format. Today, let’s focus on the topic areas the Vice Chairs and committee have selected to for 2019.

The first topic is “Networks of the Future” being overseen by Papers Vice Chair, Tim Stuch, Global Optical Architect at Facebook. Along with a committee, Stuch will be reviewing papers that address integrating networks and data centers beyond the beach. They also want to see papers that discuss possible next steps for capacity and network technology; system lifetime; how to avoid bottlenecks in capacity or routes; the future role of traditional operators.

The second topic is “Wet Technology” led by Olivier Gautheron, Chief Technology Officer, ASN. Gutheron and his committee will be looking for papers that address current specifications of fibers, cables, repeaters and branching units. Also papers can talk about what future designs must be improved upon to meet system needs. The committee also broadens the topic by allowing papers on open submarine Networks, unrepeatered systems, PFE’s of the future.

The third topic is “Dry Technology” reviewed and overseen by Yoshihisa Inada, NEC. This set of papers should provide a comprehensive look at cutting edge software techniques/practices used in more efficiently managing networks. The papers may also focus on increased efficiency of landing equipment and terrestrial security at the landing site. Areas to be integrated into papers include disaggregation to maximize the efficiency of cable capacity, power budgets, optical and wavelength selective switching as well as equipment compatibility and spectrum sharing.  As you can see, some topic areas are very broad and allow for the industry professionals to guide the overall direction and content of a paper.

The fourth topic we’ll address today is the topic of “Marine Advancements” organized by Ana Chamon, Marine Maintenance Manager, TE SubCom. Papers for this topic should explore installation techniques and best practices. Other areas to consider or include as you develop your document are cable damage prevention, global pinch points, and cable ship fleets.  The committee has also included items they would like to see addressed, such as, route survey, desktop studies, permits and environmental planning.  Papers on cables – protection, database improvements, charting and tracking – should also be included within this topic.

If you’re interested in more information on each of the Vice Chairs or want to jump ahead to the next four topics, feel free to view all the program information and master class details at https://suboptic2019.com/suboptic-2019-conference-program/.

To learn more about the SubOptic Association behind this conference program visit http://suboptic.org/

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