Holidays in New Orleans

SubOptic 2019 will be hosted in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA — known for its Mardi Gras parties and jazz musicians. Let’s take a look at some of the unique customs and traditions in New Orleans during the Holidays.

Traditional Dining

New Orleans, also known for its Creole history, celebrates Christmas with a Revéillon Dinner. This dining experience dates back to the mid-1800’s where Creoles began Christmas celebrations with a large family meal after midnight mass. Today, restaurants serve decadent, four-course holiday feasts in the spirit of this classic tradition. This tradition has become so popular that reservations are taken throughout the entire month of December.

Creative Bonfires

Christmas arrives in a blaze along the Mississippi River levees of New Orleans. Artistic and imaginative bonfires are lit at sundown creating a spectacular sight of three-dimensional stars, large deer and Christmas trees engulfed in flames. Tradition holds that the bonfires light the way for Papa Noël (aka Santa Claus).

History Comes Alive

Every weekend in December, the Louisiana History Alive characters visit the French Quarter. They share with tourists and locals their unique heritage. Baroness Pontalba discusses the layout of Jackson Square. Louis Dufilho, a pharmacist, provides information on his tinctures and remedies. And Marie Laveau answers questions about the origin of the Voodoo Doll.

New Orleans hasn’t forgotten about traditional Christmas caroling, Nutcracker performances or winter wonderlands. In fact, they even have an indoor ice rink at the convention center that includes carnival rides, crafts, pictures with Santa and more.

SubOptic is excited to share the NOLA experience with you in 2019. Explore everything New Orleans has to offer, visit