Announcing the SubOptic 2019 Conference Theme

Together with the SubOptic Association, STF Events is thrilled to announce To the Beach and Beyond. Rethinking Global Networks as the theme for SubOptic 2019, 8-11 April, in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

To the Beach and Beyond. Rethinking Global Networks will challenge presenters as well attendees to expand and broaden their views to a more encompassing depiction of the industry than in years past pushing the focus past the shore and into cities, companies and communities. Featuring the industry’s top leaders, the program will have a strong focus on the latest vision for the subsea systems and developing integration with terrestrial networks.

The Programme Committee, led by Dr. Stuart Barnes, Xtera, will be calling for papers in Q2 2018. Areas of focus will include:

  • Examining the growing presence of the online content and cloud service giants
  • The arrival of data center firms as major partners in new cable systems
  • The shift to a more open world in which innovative technology rather than bandwidth growth will be the hallmark of industry change
  • The flexibility and fluidity which will exist in future interfaces with terrestrial networks

Each of the eight topics and the chair responsible for those sessions will be announced later in February.

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