To the Beach and Beyond – Rethinking Global Networks

Papers sessions at the conference have been broken into 8 categories and range from environmental to future considerations for technology, equipment and service. With a variety of topics, the conference appeals to every professional and academic in the submarine telecommunications industry. Submission guidelines and deadlines for papers will be available in April 2018.

The SubOptic 2019 Conference Program will cover a wide range of industry topics.

Commercial and Funding

Dry Technology

Global Citizen

Marine Advancements

Networks of the Future

Oil & Gas, Special Markets

Regulatory, Legal & Security

Wet Technology

The SubOptic 2019 Conference Program will include a Poster Session to provide a meet and greet for poster authors.

SubOptic Association is developing an outstanding poster session with maximized author visibility. The session will discuss today’s technical and business issues alongside the future’s disruptive trends impacting the submarine fiber industry. Submission guidelines and deadlines will be available in April 2018.





SubOptic Association is securing the industry’s top speakers from leading companies to present the latest developments in telecommunications.

Opening remarks speakers:The SubOptic 2019 Conference Program will include top tier keynote speakers.

  • Yves Ruggeri, President of the SubOptic Association

Keynote Speakers:

  • Gary Smith, CEO of Ciena
  • More to come!|




Submarine Telecoms Forum will present awards for outstanding content presented at SubOptic 2019.  Awards include:

  • SubOptic 2019 Best Paper Presentation Award – Presented to a paper presenter for their innovative SubOptic paper presentation
  • SubOptic 2019 Best Oral Presentation Award – Presented to a paper presenter for their innovative SubOptic oral presentation

In the short period of time since SubOptic 2016, the submarine fiber industry has seen massive changes as the combined factors of data driven bandwidth and the associated explosion of data centers dislocated from the traditional telco PoPs have begun to stretch the limits of the physical infrastructure.

The conference theme represents the challenges to the industry as a result of these changes, the consequences of the shift from telephony to data and the rapid repositioning of PoPs in both a physical and global sense.

Together with an examination of the changes in our industry, the SubOptic 2019 conference program will also encompass and invite dialogue on traditional topics such as Marine Services and Operations, Legal and Regulatory issues, Network Operations and the Oil & Gas market.

SubOptic 2019 aims to update the new topics debated at SubOptic 2016 and which are now an established part of the industry, for instance data center networking, Open Systems, Disaggregation and Software Defined Networking (SDN).

More details about the topics to be covered can be found below.

To learn more about the committee in charge of producing the conference program, please click here.

The SubOptic 2019 Conference Program aims to address the changing realities of our global telecommunications infrastructure
The SubOptic 2019 Conference will focus on the changing dynamics of the industry as it moves away from telephony and towards data center driven networks.
All information about the program is subject to change as the conference continues to develop.