Sponsor, Xtera, Looks Forward to SubOptic2019

April 8, 2019

It has been Xtera’s privilege to help lead and shape the direction and content of the forthcoming SubOptic 2019 conference over the last few years. Stuart has thrown himself into his position of Programme Chair and, with a fantastic team around him, has put together a tremendous amount of leading edge content for the conference.  Xtera has always enjoyed participating in SubOptic and this year is no different.  Tony Frisch’s Masterclass on transmission technology sits within a first day that looks to be both educational and stimulating.  Commercial and technical papers that have been prepared by our Sales department and by our Photonics Engineering team form part of the broad ranging set of oral sessions, and we are particularly looking forward to the Networks of the Future session chaired by Robert Richardson.

This time round, SubOptic’s strap line has been “To the Beach and Beyond”, exploring the increasing shift from stand-alone wet systems to Data Centre to Data Centre networks. The conference programme reflects this, in particular with what look to be excellent contributions on Open Systems.  Another key message around this year’s conference has been the need for greater diversity and inclusion within the industry.  It is so important to embrace and focus on this important subject and Xtera are proud co-sponsors of Monday’s Lunch & Learn panel session “Professional Opportunities, Diversity & Inclusion.”

We are looking forward to meeting all our friends & colleagues next week in New Orleans and at many more SubOptics to come!

Leigh Frame, COO Xtera