Spirits and Spirits

Available: April 6 – Afternoon
Tour Duration: 3 Hours
Cost per Person: $95

New Orleans has an inordinately colorful history – ghosts, voodoo priestesses, and haunted mansions notwithstanding. Underneath the quaint streets and tidy shuttered cottages of the French Quarter lie secret and sinister legends of strange phenomena and paranatural residents who have dwelled in this 18th century historic neighborhood for hundreds of years.

Whether you are lured by tales of hauntings, or intrigued with the historic nature of New Orleans legends, you are sure to enjoy this stroll within New Orleans’ mysterious landmarks.

You will first enjoy a brief introduction to the history of the French Quarter. Then, amidst the narrow streets of the Quarter, you will visit the many “ghost ridden” locations where unusual tales will unfold. You will see the home of famous Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau on Royal Street, the notorious Madame LaLaurie House where unthinkable atrocities were committed against slaves, the graceful Beauregard-Keys House where fighting sounds are still said to be heard, and, of course, Pirate’s Alley, where it is reputed that the ghost of Pirate Jean Lafitte resides.

The uneasy dead on the deserted cobblestone streets of the old Vieux Carré are sure to give you chills and thrills on this unique tour!