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Kent Bressie, Harris, Wilshire & Grannis will be in charge of arranging sessions on the topic ‘Regulatory, Legal & Security’. In addition to regulatory and legal issues updates, sessions will examine global permitting processes, security for networks and the landing stations.

Additional areas to be covered include:

  • Terrestrial routes and how they differs from subsea needs
  • Permits in principle
  • Cabotage
  • Customer privacy and data security

I’m pleased to work with the papers committee to focus on emerging legal, regulatory, and security issues and bring fresh thinking to more longstanding issues.  I am particularly keen to encourage papers and participation by new and young voices in the industry.

– Kent Bressie
Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis

Papers Vice Chair, Regulatory, Legal & Security
Kent Bressie
Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis


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