Increased demand for high performance connectivity is leading the Oil & Gas industry to standardize on fiber optic based connectivity, including subsea fiber for offshore platforms. The course explores various technical considerations in designing a fiber optic system for these special applications; as well as the commercial, operational and maintenance considerations involved for the enterprise.

Discussion points include:

  • Background of Submarine Fiber Connectivity
  • Connectivity Options
  • Risk Assessment
  • High-Level System Design
  • Project Permitting and Environmental Assessments
  • Operations and Maintenance

The course concludes with a summary of how the subsea cable industry can address the unique requirements of the offshore market, wherein communication services are an ancillary function rather than a primary objective of the customer’s business.

Principal Instructor, Principles of Offshore Oil & Gas Submarine Telecoms
Greg Otto, Senior Project Architect

Greg Otto received a BSEE from the University of Iowa in 1991 and specialized in telecommunications including fiber optics. During college, he worked at Union Pacific Railroad in their telecommunications department. In 1991, Greg started with Shell Oil in the United States and did multiple fiber and copper cabling projects in their US refineries and chemical plants and was the Shell representative on the Aries project looking at advanced communications systems for oil and gas. In 1997, Greg co-founded New Frontier Consulting, Inc. and continued working on telecommunication and network projects in the oil and gas, education and health industries. In 2000, Greg started with BP and started working on a project to deploy fiber in the Gulf of Mexico. This finally culminated in leading the project and commissioning of GoM Fiber in 2008. Since then, Greg has led the development of third party usage agreements on GoM Fiber, actively participated in an Angola project that evaluated deployment of fiber similar to GoM Fiber, developed strategies to use submarine fiber more effectively and supported fiber projects in other regions around the globe.



Moderator, Principles of Offshore Oil & Gas Submarine Telecoms
Antoine LĂ©croart