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1. Introduction

This document provides guidelines for the generation and presentation of posters at the Poster Session of SubOptic 2019.

  1. Introduction
  2. Poster Session Format & Timing
  3. Guidelines for Poster Format
  4. Guidelines for Poster Content
  5. Guidelines for Display & Presentation of Posters
  6. Soft Copies of Final Paper & Poster Presentation
  7. Communications, Questions & Feedback

2. Poster Session Format & Timing

The SubOptic 2019 Poster Session will be held Tuesday 9th April from 4:45 – 7:00pm.

The posters will remain up on the poster boards for the remainder of the conference.

The Poster Session is intended to be a professional social event, with cocktails and canapés served. No other conference sessions are scheduled in parallel with the Poster Session.

Each poster Presenter is asked to be available throughout the Poster Session, in close proximity to his/her poster display, to answer questions regarding the work and to provide additional insight into the paper on which it is based.

For the authors and presenters, this is a unique opportunity to make contact with a large cross-section of SubOptic attendees and specialists in particular fields.  This format also allows co-authors of the papers to participate in the presentations.

2.1 Poster Preparation

The poster will be prepared by the author before the conference following submission of the final paper and receipt of these guidelines. The poster materials will be brought to the conference by the author.

A soft copy of the poster is also required to be submitted and brought to the conference by the author. Further details are included later in this document.

3. Guidelines for Poster Format

3.1 Poster Panel Size & Usable Area

Poster panels, with the dimensions shown in Figure 1, will be set up just outside the Exhibition Hall.

Recommended Usable Area for Poster:

76 cm x 152 cm (2.5ft x 5ft) (width x height)

Figure 1:  Dimensions for Poster Display Board

3.2 Poster Numbering

The SubOptic event planners will provide a poster reference number on the upper left corner of each panel to designate the display area for each poster.

The poster reference number for your poster presentation will be provided before the conference. It comprises two alphabetical characters and two digits, referencing your topic area and a numerical number.

The author will provide the part within the dotted line rectangle.

Attendees will be able to locate specific displays by finding the poster numbers indicated in the Conference Programme or the attached Poster List.

3.3 Grouping of Posters

The posters will be grouped by subject matter content.

3.4 Format & Style

Within the allowed usable display area detailed in Figure 1, any poster format or style may be used by the author.

3.5 Recommendations for Format & Style

Although poster authors are free to arrange the material in any manner they wish, there are the following guidelines based on past experience, which may help to achieve best results for poster presentations:

  • Viewers should be able to comfortably read a poster from about one meter away. A 20 point font (approx 5 mm high) is advisable as the minimum size for text.
  • Charts, drawings and illustrations should be of a similar quality as that typically used in slide presentations (e.g.: Microsoft PowerPoint presentations) and they should generally be as simple as possible.
  • Posters should be relatively self-explanatory such that, even if left unattended, the presentation will convey the main messages and conclusions of the paper.
  • Single large poster is preferable – the presentation will be more attractive and easier to follow if all material is integrated on a single, large-format poster page rather than displaying multiple sheets of paper in the display area.

4. Guidelines for Poster Content

4.1 Author(s)’ Name(s)

The poster presentation title, author(s)’ name(s) and affiliation(s) should appear at the top of the poster, in the area shown in Figure 1 above.

4.2 Logos, Trademarks, Colour Scheme

Poster displays may include company logos, colour schemes and other identifiable trademarks.

Specific product names may be used only to illustrate the application of designs and technologies described in the author’s paper.

4.3 Not for Commercial Advertising

Posters should not be used exclusively for commercial advertising. The poster must be clearly based on the final paper that was accepted by the Papers and Programme Committee and must respect the same guidelines regarding company and product promotion.

5. Guidelines for Display & Presentation of Posters

5.1 Responsibility for Setting-Up & Removing Posters

Presenters are responsible for setting up and removing your own poster.

5.2 Set-Up & Removal Times

Times for set-up and removal of posters by their authors are as follows:

Set Up of Posters:      10:00 ~ 15:00    Tuesday  9 April 2019

Removal of Posters:  14:00 ~ 16:00    Thursday 11 April 2019

Any materials remaining past 16:00 on Thursday 11 April 2019 will be removed and we will not assume responsibility for their return.

5.3 Mounting Poster onto Panels

Posters should be displayed on the panels using push-pins which will be provided by the SubOptic event planners.

5.4 Transportation & Storage of Posters

Presenters are responsible for the transportation and storage of their poster materials prior to the Session.  SubOptic cannot accept poster shipments on behalf of the presenters.

6. Soft Copies of Final Paper & Poster Presentation

6.1 Transfer of Rights

The copyright of all papers & posters submitted to SubOptic 2019 becomes the property of the SubOptic Executive Committee. In making any submission, the author agrees to transfer copyrights to SubOptic for publication, in whole or in part, in the SubOptic 2019 Proceedings, or in any other media that the organization considers appropriate.

6.2 Soft Copy of the Poster

Poster presentation files should be received in advance of the conference.   Please indicate the abstract ID relevant to your poster at the beginning of the file name.

Before 22 March 2019, you should upload a softcopy of the poster presentation in Adobe Acrobat format or Microsoft PowerPoint format the same web page as previously used to upload your original abstract and final paper.

6.3 Publication of the Paper, Abstract & Poster

A) Soft Copy of Final Paper
A soft copy of the Final Paper submitted to the web page by the author in January 2019 will appear in full in the soft copy Proceedings of the Conference

B) Abstract from Final Paper
The abstract (only) of the final paper submitted by the author will be included in the printed hard copy SubOptic 2019 Conference Programme.

C) Final Paper & Poster on Web Archive
The full final paper (including abstract) and a soft copy of the poster presentation will be added to the SubOptic document archive, accessible via the SubOptic web page 6 months after the conference.

7. Communications, Questions & Feedback

Any communications, questions or feedback concerning these guidelines can be addressed to the Papers Committee co-chair Marc-Richard Fortin or Steve Dawe, email [email protected], [email protected]

For any questions concerning the content of your presentation please contact the relevant Papers Committee Vice Chairman according to topic area.

Annex 1: Papers Committee Members & Email List

Topic: Network of the future
Vice Chair: Tim Stuch (Facebook)
Email: [email protected]

Topic: Dry Technology
Vice Chair: Yoshihisa Inada (NEC)
Email: [email protected]

Topic: Wet Technology
Vice Chair: Olivier Gautheron (ASN)
Email: [email protected]

Topic: Marine Advancement
Vice Chair: Ana Chamon (SubCom)
Email: [email protected]

Topic: Commercial and Funding
Vice Chair: Bernard Logan (MainOne)
Email: [email protected]

Topic: Regulatory, Legal and Security
Vice Chair: Mike Conradi (DLAPiper)
Email: [email protected] 

Topic: Global Citizen
Vice Chair: Nicole Starosielski (NYU)
Email: [email protected] 

Topic: Oil & Gaz and Special Markets
Vice Chair: Denise Toombs (AECOM)
Email: [email protected]

In case of any difficulties contacting these Vice Chairs, you may contact either of the following:

Papers Committee Chair, SubOptic 2019:
Marc-Richard Fortin (SubCom)
Email: [email protected]

Steve Dawe (Vodafone)
Email: [email protected]

Program Chair
Stuart Barnes
Email:  [email protected]