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1. Introduction

This document provides guidelines for writing and submitting papers selected for SubOptic 2019.

All authors are asked to work within these guidelines to facilitate the submission process and to help maintain a consistent standard and format throughout the conference literature. Any questions concerning these guidelines should be addressed as per section 15 of this document.

2. Deadline for Final Paper Submission

The submission deadline for final papers for SubOptic 2019 is Thursday 31st January 2019.

Papers can be uploaded any time before this date and can be updated by reloading a new version of the paper whenever an author chooses to re-submit.

3. Transfer of Rights

The copyright of all papers submitted to SubOptic 2019 becomes the property of the SubOptic Executive Committee. In making any submission, the author agrees to transfer copyright to SubOptic for publication, in whole or in part, in the SubOptic 2019 Proceedings, or in any other media that the organization considers appropriate.

4. Purpose of the Final Paper

The final paper serves three purposes:

(a) It will be the foundation for the author’s presentation at the conference, whether the presentation is given in oral format using PowerPoint slides, or in poster format, using poster images or slides.

(b) It will be included in the Conference Proceedings which will be made available to all registered attendees at the conference.

(c) Approximately 6 months after the conference, all papers will be accessible in the ‘archive’ section of the SubOptic website.

5. Content of the Final Paper

The main content of your paper should be based on the original abstract that was submitted and accepted by the Papers Committee following the Call for Papers. The ideas of the original abstract should be elaborated and expanded, as appropriate to a 3 to 5 pages professional article.

Please note that overt advertising or promotion of any specific company, product or service will not be accepted, and authors will be asked to revise their papers to remove such content. Otherwise, the paper (and its associated presentation at the conference) will be removed from the SubOptic 2019 conference programme.

SubOptic acknowledges that many papers are based on product developments or project experiences, but these should be presented for the benefit of the general community, with an emphasis on applicability to future initiatives. Repeated mention of specific product names, brands or company affiliation for example, is strongly discouraged.

6. Format of the Final Paper

The purpose of these Guidelines is to standardize the formatting of all submitted papers, so that they will be in a common style ready for conversion to Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) format for inclusion in the Conference Proceedings.

To help achieve this we are providing a template and we ask that all authors use this template when writing their paper. If an author does not adhere to the proposed Microsoft Word template format, then the Papers Committee and/or the host organisation reserves the right to edit the final paper to bring it in line with the template format.

Each paper must be uploaded to the SubOptic 2019 web site at or from the website main menu under ‘Presenters > Paper Submission as a Microsoft Word 2007 or more recent document (*.docx file format).

7. Details of the Template

The template document format includes:

(a) Title of the paper

(b) Authors names and affiliations:

Case 1 (if all authors have the same affiliation):

Primary author’s name (first name last name) All co-author’s names (first name last name) with the authors separated by a comma, company affiliation of all authors, in the format (Company Name)

e.g. Alice Shelton, Ian Clarke (Ciena)

Case 2 (if the affiliation of a co-author is different from the affiliation of the primary author):

Primary author’s name and company affiliation (first name last name (Company Name) All secondary authors’ names & affiliations (first name last name (Company Name)

e.g. Alice Shelton (Ciena), Ron Rapp (SUBCOM)

(c) Primary author’s email address

(d) Primary author’s company address

(e) An abstract

An abstract (summary) of 100 to 300 words summarizing the main thesis and conclusions of the paper. This abstract will be printed in the hard copy final Programme document for SubOptic 2019, distributed to all attendees as a guide to the conference.

(e) Body of the Paper

Please write your paper in English.

The primary font for the main paper shall be Times Roman size 12 regular, with justified spacing and layout of two columns per page.

Please target a total paper length of 2,000 to 3,500 words. This will usually correspond to a paper of 3 to 5 pages.

Note: The ‘word-count’ includes all text items: the title, names, addresses, the opening abstract, and the text of the paper itself. The ‘word-count’ does not include any words embedded in graphic objects such as tables and figures.

8. Graphics

Colour or black & white graphics may be used, but the author should take consideration of the fact that some readers may wish to print out a copy in black & white. It is the responsibility of the author to ensure that the graphics are legible if the paper is printed in black & white.

The format for naming of graphics (figures, tables, etc) should be as the following examples and as shown in the template.

Figure 1: Graph of Salt Concentration vs Density

Graph 3: Index of Modulation

Table 1: Average Pressure vs Temperature

9. Example Paper – Template

We are also providing an example paper using random / meaningless text to show the look of a typical final paper, in case this is useful to some authors.

10. Instruction for Submission

Please follow the instructions below, for uploading your paper submission:

  1. Go to the SubOptic2019 website:
  2. Under the “Presenters” menu item click “Paper Submission” (direct link here)
  3. Fill out the Paper Submission form and submit your paper
  4. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after you have completed the process.


11. Communication Between Authors & The Papers Committee

Your Papers Committee vice-chairman will receive an automatic notification each time a new version of a paper has been uploaded.

The vice-chairmen will review the submitted paper to check the content of the paper against the original abstract and against the general SubOptic guidelines for presentation content. Any major formatting errors will also be identified.

It is expected that some papers will go through some degree of editing for either content or formatting, so please look out for emails from the vice-chairman of your topic area or from the Papers Committee Chair.

All such communications and revisions must take place prior to 31st January 2019, at which time the paper will be considered final.

When your last revision has been accepted by the Papers Committee, you will receive a final notification.

12. Soft Format of the Paper in the Conference Proceedings

With the final version of your paper accepted by the Papers Committee, the Papers Committee will submit the paper for inclusion in the Proceedings of SubOptic 2019 and issued to all SubOptic attendees.

13. Guidelines for Oral Presentations

Authors who were formally notified that their abstract had been accepted for presentation in an oral session at SubOptic 2019 will receive an email from the Paper Committee approximately 10 weeks before the conference (in early February 2019) with formal guidelines for the preparation of your oral presentation.

14. Guidelines for Poster Presentations

Authors who were formally notified that their abstract had been accepted for presentation in the Poster session at SubOptic 2019 will receive and email from the Paper Committee approximately 10 weeks before the conference (in early February 2019) with formal guidelines for the preparation of your poster presentation.

15. Questions / Corrections / Communications Channels

The Vice Chairman for the topic area in which the Papers Committee has allocated your paper is your primary contact for all questions concerning the content of your paper. (See Annex 2 for the contact details of the vice-chairmen).

You can confirm which topic area your paper has been accepted under by checking the ‘topic’ entry for your abstract on the website. If there is any uncertainty, please contact your topic vice-chairman or one of the co-chairman.

For any logistical problems or issues which may arise in the process of paper submission please contact the Papers Committee Chair or SubOptic EC Secretary.

If you have any questions or believe that you have identified any mistakes or inconsistencies in this document, then please contact your topic vice-chairman or one of the co-chairman.

16. Copy of This Document on the SubOptic2019 Website

You can find a copy of this document on the SubOptic 2019 website here:

17. Conclusion

The Papers Committee sincerely thanks you for your interest and participation in SubOptic 2019. We look forward to seeing you at the conference and wish you success with your paper preparation and subsequent presentation at the conference.

Annex I. Template for Authors of Final Papers

Paper template download

Annex II. Paper Committee Members and Email List

Topic: Network of the Future
Vice Chair: Tim Stuch (Facebook)
Email: [email protected]

Topic: Wet Technology
Vice Chair: Olivier Gautheron (ASN)
Email: [email protected]

Topic: Dry Technology
Vice Chair: Yoshihisa Inada (NEC)
Email: [email protected]

Topic: Marine Advancement
Vice Chair: Ana Chamon (SUBCOM)
Email: [email protected]

Topic: Regulatory, Legal and Security
Vice Chair: Kent Bressie
Email: [email protected]

Topic: Commercial and Funding
Vice Chair: Bernard Logan (MainOne)
Email: [email protected]

Topic: Global Citizen
Vice Chair: Nicole Starosielski (NYU)
Email: [email protected]

Topic: Oil & Gaz and Special Markets
Vice Chair: Denise Toombs (AECOM)
Email: [email protected]

In case of any difficulties contacting your vice-chair, you may contact one of the co-chairs:

Papers Committee co-chairs:

Marc-Richard Fortin (SUBCOM)
Email: [email protected]

Steve Dawe (Vodafone)
Email: [email protected]

For further escalation, please contact:

Program Committee Chairman:
Stuart Barnes (Xtera)
Email: [email protected]