Download a copy of the Oral Presentation Guidelines here.

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The PowerPoint Presentation Template can be downloaded here.

1. Introduction

This document provides guidelines for Oral Presentations at SubOptic 2019 including the SubOptic 2019 PowerPoint template which all authors must use as the template for their presentations.

  1. Introduction
  2. Oral Session Format & Timing
  3. Content of the Oral Presentation
  4. Guidelines for Oral Presentation Format
  5. Soft Copies of Oral Presentation Slides
  6. Communications, Questions & Feedback

2. Oral Session Format and Timing

2.1 Presenter at Oral Presentation Session

The Primary Author of the paper is expected to give the presentation. If, due to unavoidable circumstances, a substitute Presenter must be used, the substitute must be competent in the subject matter, have adequate presentation skills and be able to answer questions on the slides and the content of the paper on which the slides are based.

Please make the Papers Committee co-Chairs aware of any substitutions for Presenters by email as early as possible.

2.2 Duration

An oral presentation should be no more than 15 minutes long. For most presenters, this will allow 15 – 20 slides to be shown and explained.

The Session Chair will monitor the time, will warn the presenters when they overrun and will terminate any presentation that substantially exceeds the time limit.

2.3 Schedule for Oral Presentations

The schedule for oral presentation sessions is available on the SubOptic 2019 web site: https://suboptic2019.com/conference-schedule/.

Occasionally oral presentations may need to be moved between sessions before the conference.

The Papers Committee co-chairs will advise you by the end of march of the final session name, day, time and room number/location of your session.

2.4 Speaker Breakfast (Including Session Chairs) – MANDATORY

At 7:30 am ~ 8:30 am on the morning of your oral presentation session there is a Speaker’s Breakfast which will also be attended by your Session Chair and at times your topic Vice Chair of the Papers Committee.

Attendance at this Speaker Breakfast is mandatory for all speakers and session chairs so that last minute fine tuning of the arrangements can be communicated to all participants to ensure that the programme runs as smoothly as possible. Please take note of this in advance and make sure you attend this speaker’s breakfast.

2.5 Speaker Ready Room

There will be a Speaker-Ready room located close to the location of your oral session. Location details will be provided to presenters by 08 April 2019.

Oral Presenters must arrive no later than 30 minutes before the start of the oral session so that instructions on the PowerPoint slide controls, microphones, laser pointers and general stage directions can be given.

2.6 Speaker File Submission Room

In the Conference Centre there will be an IT room, open during the conference hours, where late updates to presentations may be submitted by authors for upload up to 24 hours before your presentation is scheduled to begin. Location details will be provided to presenters before the conference.

2.7 Oral Session Format

At the start of each oral presentation session, the Presenters will be seated together onstage with the Session Chair.

The Session Chair will introduce each Presenter in turn, giving a very short biography of the speaker and allowing them to go to the podium to make their presentations in a pre-determined order.

Presenters are encouraged to rehearse in advance to ensure that their presentations respect the time limit.

2.8 Questions & Answers

Following each slide presentation, the Session Chair will ask for questions from the audience (typ. 3-5 minutes). Presenters are asked to remain at the podium until Q&A is finished.

Once a Presenter has finished, he will return to his seat alongside the other Presenters onstage. All Presenters must remain onstage for the duration of their particular oral presentation session.

3. Content of the Oral Presentation

The oral presentation must be based on the final paper submitted in January 2019.

Explicit promotion or overt advertising of a company or product is not acceptable within the Oral Presentation Sessions (or in any presentation at SubOptic). This requirement was made clear in the original Call for Papers for SubOptic 2019 and remains a strict requirement.

4. Guidelines for Oral Presentation Format

4.1 Presentation Software Format

The presentation format must be a Microsoft PowerPoint slide presentation.

The following software will be equipped on the PC used for the presentations:

  • Microsoft Windows Windows 10 Operating System (English language version)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 with Office 365

The presentation format will be 16:9.

We regret that it is not possible to support other file formats or operating systems for SubOptic 2019.

4.2 Design of Presentation Slides

To create a cohesive and professional style for each session, the Papers Committee requests that all Presenters use the SubOptic 2019 slide template provided with these Guidelines.

The template may be adjusted as necessary for the information being presented (text, charts, tables etc.), but please endeavour to maintain consistency with this official SubOptic 2019 style.

4.3 Company Logos

Small company logos may be inserted on any or all slides in the lower left-hand or right-hand corner of the viewing area.

4.4 Font Sizes

Please do not use any fonts smaller than 18 points in the presentation slides

4.5 Video Use

If your presentation uses video clips, we recommend that you should embed the video clips into the PowerPoint presentation file.

However, we request that you also submit any video files separately from the PowerPoint file, using the same methods described in the Submission section below.

Please notify the Papers Committee Chair that the presentation contains video clips and so consists of multiple file types.

The event manager can review the presentation with you before the session in the Speaker-Ready Room.

4.6 Short Biography

When submitting the PowerPoint slides of the presentation, please also include as a separate file a short biography of the primary author (or of the presenter if the presenter is not the primary author).

This biography should be 50 ~ 100 words, and should include presenter’s name, company affiliation, job title, relevant experience etc.  It will be used by the Oral Session Chair to introduce you just before your presentation.

5. Soft Copies of Oral Presentation Slides

5.1 Submission of Soft Copy of Presentation Slides

Presentation files should be received in advance of the conference. Please indicate the abstract ID relevant to your presentation at the beginning of the file name.

Before 1 March 2019, you must submit your PowerPoint presentation slides and the short author / presenter biography electronically to the SubOptic 2019 website under the author portal.

5.2 Last Minute Presentation Revisions

If you wish to deliver any last-minute updates to your slides, you can do so in the IT room (see details earlier in the document) during conference hours, no less than 24 hours before your session.  We cannot guarantee that any updates provided later than this will be included in the main presentation set.

Any such file updates should be provided on USB key.

5.3 Transfer of Copyright

The copyright of all papers & oral presentations submitted to SubOptic 2019 becomes the property of the SubOptic Executive Committee. In making any submission, the author agrees to transfer copyrights to SubOptic for publication, in whole or in part, in the SubOptic 2019 Proceedings, or in any other media that the organization considers appropriate.

5.4 Responsibility for Copyright Infringement

The SubOptic Executive Committee and the Host Organization shall assume no liability for copyright violations involving any presentation materials supplied by the Presenter. Presenters are responsible for obtaining any necessary permissions from third parties whose material is used in any presentation.

5.5 Publication of the Paper, Abstract & Oral Presentation

(a) Soft Copy of Final Paper

A soft copy of the Final Paper submitted to the web page by the author in February 2019 will appear in full in the soft copy Proceedings of the Conference.

(b) Abstract from Final Paper

The abstract (only) of the final paper submitted by the author in February 2019 will be included in the SubOptic 2019 Conference Programme.

(c) Final Paper & Oral Presentation on Web Archive

The full final paper (including abstract) and a soft copy of the oral presentation will be added to the SubOptic document archive, accessible via the SubOptic web page 6 months after the conference.

6. Communications, Questions & Feedback

Any communications, questions or feedback concerning these guidelines can be addressed to the Papers Committee co-Chairs Marc-Richard Fortin or Steve Dawe email [email protected][email protected]

For any questions concerning the content of your presentation please contact the relevant Papers Committee Vice Chairman according to topic area.

7. Annexes

Annex 1: Papers Committee Members & Email List

Topic: Network of the future
Vice Chair: Tim Stuch (Facebook)
Email: [email protected]

Topic: Dry Technology
Vice Chair: Yoshihisa Inada (NEC)
Email: [email protected]

Topic: Wet Technology
Vice Chair: Olivier Gautheron (ASN)
Email: [email protected]

Topic: Marine Advancement
Vice Chair: Ana Chamon (SubCom)
Email: [email protected]

Topic: Commercial and Funding
Vice Chair: Bernard Logan (MainOne)
Email: [email protected]

Topic: Regulatory, Legal and Security
Vice Chair: Mike Conradi (DLAPiper)
Email: [email protected] 

Topic: Global Citizen
Vice Chair: Nicole Starosielski (NYU)
Email: [email protected] 

Topic: Oil & Gaz and Special Markets
Vice Chair: Denise Toombs (AECOM)
Email: [email protected]

In case of any difficulties contacting these Vice Chairs, you may contact either of the following:

Papers Committee Chair, SubOptic 2019:
Marc-Richard Fortin (SubCom)
Email: [email protected]

Steve Dawe (Vodafone)
Email: [email protected]

Program Chair
Stuart Barnes
Email:  [email protected]