Denise Toombs, AECOM, will oversee the topic of ‘Oil & Gas, Special Markets’ which covers recovering and scrapping, shore end reuse, and low latency network needs.

Additional areas to be covered include:

  • How system developments work in the oil & gas industry
  • Challenges of network topology, capacity, operations and maintenance in Oil and Gas markets
  • Technologies for Oil and Gas markets
  • Emerging Special Markets, PRM, seismic and other monitoring
  • Smart repeaters

This Topic Area opens the technical and regulatory conversations to more marine users – oil & gas, energy sector, and special markets – to explore areas ripe for cross-pollination of opportunities, ideas and solutions. The world’s oceans are increasingly needed for multiple commercial and non-commercial uses, each with unique drivers and constraints. We are looking for papers that will inform attendees and stimulate discussion about special markets, areas of common interest and issues, and innovations with cross-industry benefits for all stages of the capital life cycle. Share your perspective and ideas!

– Denise Toombs

Paper Vice Chair, Oil & Gas, Special Markets
Denise Toombs, Internet Infrastructure & Offshore Services

Ms. Toombs is a globally recognized expert in environmental permitting/licensing, marine and fiber capital projects, managing environmental, project and reputational risk over the entire capital project life cycle. She is a strategic partner with development teams, working with engineering, legal and construction teams to site and design projects that are achievable, and obtaining the approvals needed to get the job done. She has extensive experience in subsea cable systems, oil and gas, and other capital projects.