Mysteries Of Louisiana Swamplands

Available: April 8 & 11 – Morning, April 13 – Afternoon
Tour Duration: 3.5 Hours
Cost per Person: $134

Join us for an incredible journey into the mysterious swamps and bayous of southern Louisiana. On today’s swamp boat tour, you will be introduced to the interesting history of our Louisiana wetlands and the rich Cajun heritage of the people who inhabit this region.

Today, as your swamp boat travels into the depths of Cajun country, you will hear the tales of the Cajun folks and how they reap the bounty of their surroundings: they trap nutria, mink, otter, and muskrat; they hunt frogs, and alligators; and they fish for catfish and crabs. You will also soon discover the respect and knowledge the Cajun people have for the wildlife and vegetation indigenous to the swamp.

As your swamp boat glides through the waters, gently breaking the tranquility of the ancient bayous, you will see exotic tropical plants and wildlife only found in the Louisiana wetlands. Majestic herons, nutria, and large turtles sunning themselves on tree stumps are abundant; and, the swamp’s favorite son, the alligator, will be witnessed in its glory, easing quietly through the murky, cypress-shrouded waters of Louisiana.

You will return with a true appreciation of the Acadian people and the unique region they call home!