The topic of ‘Marine Advancements’ will be organized by Ana Chamon, Marine Maintenance Manager, TE SubCom. These sessions will explore installation techniques and best practices, cable damage prevention, global pinch points, and cable ship fleets.

Additional areas to be covered include:

  • Route survey
  • Desktop study
  • Operating permits
  • Cables A to Z (protection, database improvements, charting, tracking traffic)
  • Marine maintenance

This is an exciting time as the OTT content providers drive innovation at all levels in the Industry, including Marine, wherein 3 new cable ships have been or are being built for the first time in years. The program topic in ‘Marine Advancements’ gives the industry the opportunity to hear from prominent groups within the Marine Sector who will talk about recent advances ranging from ship design all the way down years to deployment software.

– Ana Chamon, Marine Maintenance Manager

Papers Vice Chair, Marine Advancements
Ana Chamon, Marine Maintenance Manager

Ana is a Marine Maintenance Manager with 18 years service in SubCom who currently manages and implements marine private maintenance agreements in the Atlantic (APMA) as well as Marine Related Services contracts with other relevant customers as primary interface for the customer and responsible to ensure all necessary system and contract requirements are executed by the organization to ensure first class wet maintenance services. Ana’s carrier started in TEMASA under Maintenance Department, over the years Ana developed her carrier within SubCom as Charting and Documentation Specialist, Quality and Environmental as Internal Auditor, since 2010 when she was promoted to Marine Maintenance Manager for the Atlantic till present. Ana is certified as International Business Secretary at Mary Ward College, Madrid as well as initiate degree studies as technical architecture, civil engineer and law.