Forever New Orleans

Available: April 7, 8 & 10 – Afternoon
Tour Duration: 3 Hours
Cost per Person: $68

Our story begins in the area where the French founded New Orleans almost 300 years ago: the historic and charming French Quarter. Originally an Indian trading post located on the banks of the Mississippi, the French sought to establish a port on high grounds near this trading post. Thus was the foundation of this quaint and lovely European city.

At Jackson Square in the heart of French Quarter, site of St. Louis Cathedral, you will see famous landmarks and learn the fascinating history behind our unique city. Next the tour will proceed to City Park and Bayou St. John; you will visit historic St. Louis No. 3 Cemetery, where your escort will explain our unique above-ground burial system.

As the tour continues through City Park toward Lake Pontchartrain, the guide will discuss remnants of damage caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. This powerful storm breached the protective levee system in New Orleans that caused much of the city to flood.

Heading Uptown, you will travel along picturesque St. Charles Avenue, lined with rows of magnificent mansions and historical oak trees. You will see lavish Garden District homes built by wealthy Americans following the Louisiana Purchase. You will also pass our old Warehouse District, a revitalized area that is home to our Convention Center.

As our story ends, you will realize that this incredible city is one of spirit, hope, and rebirth!