The topic of ‘Commercial and Funding’ at SubOptic 2019 will be organized by Bernard Logan, Chief Commercial Officer, Main One Cable. The sessions will examine best practices in system project development and impact of geopolitics on the cable industry.

Additional areas to be covered include:

  • Funding types
  • Role of consultants in the development/installation process
  • Business case development

I am excited to address the topic of ‘Commercial and Funding’ at SubOptic 2019. With the trend of current consortium systems involving more and more dark fibre sales to OTT’s and cables being supplied independently of SLTE it will be interesting to understand how this affects the commercial arrangements of both buying and maintaining such systems and if funding has been made more complex or easier.

– Bernard Logan, Chief Commercial Officer
MainOne Cable

Bernard Logan, CCO of MainOne.

Papers Vice Chair, Commercial and Funding
Bernard Logan, Chief Commercial Officer
MainOne Cable

Bernard Logan is a shareholder and Chief Commercial Officer for MainOne Cable System a 7500km submarine cable system spanning Europe and West Africa. Bernard is also: CEO of Delta+ Ltd, a business development company within the Subsea Industry; and Vice President Business Development for Mertech Marine Limited, a Subsea Cables recycling company who have acquired 135,000Km of cable and recycled 25,000Km. Bernard has over 30 years’ experience in subsea systems and has been involved at senior levels in Hontai 2, Pencan 5, SeaMeWe3, TAT12/13, Telic Phil, Jakarta-Surabaya, Yellow; TWA1; Esat2; Hugo; SeaMeWe4 extn; Farice, MainOne.