Cajun And Creole Cuisine

Cajun And Creole Cuisine - Hands On Class Available: April 8 - Afternoon Tour Duration: 3.5 Hours Cost per Person: $265 Our local chefs can be colorful characters and today one of the best New Orleans chefs will teach you the techniques and secrets that get to the very soul of New Orleans cooking. (Rule [...]

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Forever New Orleans

Forever New Orleans Available: April 7, 8 & 10 - Afternoon Tour Duration: 3 Hours Cost per Person: $68 Our story begins in the area where the French founded New Orleans almost 300 years ago: the historic and charming French Quarter. Originally an Indian trading post located on the banks of the Mississippi, the French [...]

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Cemetery Tour

Cemetery Tour Available: April 10 - Morning, April 11 - Afternoon Tour Duration: 3 Hours Cost per Person: $108 New Orleans is a city of dichotomies, perhaps best represented in its traditional Catholic heritage and a subculture of voodoo. Voodoo is a religion brought to New Orleans from West Africa and influenced by refugees from [...]

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Mansions And Magnolias

Mansions And Magnolias Available: April 9 - Afternoon Tour Duration: 3 Hours Cost per Person: $96 The Garden District boasts one of the best preserved collections of historic southern mansions in the United States. Its 19th century origins fashioned opulent estates built by wealthy newcomers who flocked to New Orleans after the Louisiana Purchase, a [...]

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Mysteries of Louisiana Swamplands

Mysteries Of Louisiana Swamplands Available: April 8 & 11 - Morning, April 13 - Afternoon Tour Duration: 3.5 Hours Cost per Person: $134 Join us for an incredible journey into the mysterious swamps and bayous of southern Louisiana. On today's swamp boat tour, you will be introduced to the interesting history of our Louisiana wetlands [...]

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Cajun Swamp Experience

Cajun Swamp Experience By Airboat Available: April 7 - Morning, April 9, 10 & 12 - Afternoon Tour Duration: 4 Hours Cost per Person: $152 Come join us for an exhilarating journey into the mystical swamps and bayous of southern Louisiana. On today's airboat, you will view Louisiana wetlands as you swiftly glide into the depths [...]

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Crescent City Cocktails

Crescent City Cocktails Available: April 11 - Afternoon Duration: 3 Hours Cost per Person: $121 Did you know that New Orleans is the birthplace of not only jazz but also the cocktail?! Today you will have the opportunity to experience and explore the history behind some of New Orleans most famous cocktails and have a [...]

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Build A Float

Build A Float Available: April 8 & 9 -  Morning Tour Duration: 3.5 hours Cost per Person: $165 Mardi Gras has been called "The Greatest Free Show on Earth." Although the parades are for the people of New Orleans, private organizations spend millions of dollars each year preparing for this event. Hundreds of artists work [...]

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