First Step: Abstract Submission

The SubOptic Papers Committee is pleased to request industry experts to submit Abstracts for papers to be presented as either oral or poster presentations at SubOptic 2019. To learn more about the conference program, and explore details on the topics you would like to submit an abstract for, please go to the SubOptic 2019 Conference Program page and the Preliminary Conference Schedule page.

For full details on the abstract submission process, please click here.

What’s Next: Review Process

The Vice Chairmen and Papers Co-Chairs are supported by 50-70 reviewers who have the task of reviewing the Abstracts submitted by authors and then to make recommendations on which of these should be presented as Oral and Poster Presentations during SubOptic 2019.

These reviewers are chosen from the broadest possible spread of organizations with expertise in the particular topic area.  Only one reviewer from a company is allowed per topic area.  The chosen reviewers will be recorded in the final SubOptic 2019 Proceedings.

To view the full Call for Papers brochure provided by the SubOptic 2019 Program Committee, please download the file here.


The SubOptic Conference comes around only once every three years. It is the longest running and most comprehensive conference series in the world for the submarine cable industry. SubOptic 2019 will once again offer an outstanding world-class program. This extraordinary event, with Ciena as Host Sponsor, will be held in New Orleans, USA from 8-11 April 2019.

With the Call for Papers launch, you now have a terrific opportunity to participate in this much-awaited event and be part of its ongoing success. It is the one event that encourages people from all walks of the subsea community to discuss in depth the issues that are more and more critical to our industry.

To assemble the most compelling content, SubOptic chose a renowned executive and scholar as Program Chair, who together with a capable Program Committee is selecting the right topics and speakers. The Program Committee works with the Papers Committee which manages the Call for Papers and time-tested peer review selection process, involving experts for each chosen topic area. All this ensures that SubOptic maintains the high quality and professional standards on which the conference has built its reputation since it was founded over 30 years ago.

Don’t miss your opportunity to contribute to ‘Rethinking Global Networks’ and be with us at SubOptic 2019, by responding to the Call for Papers.

I look forward to your contributions and to seeing you all in New Orleans next year.

Yves Ruggeri, President of SubOptic

Yves Ruggeri, RGConsulting


I am pleased to have been appointed the Program Chairman for SubOptic 2019. We are making great strides in preparing an exciting program for the event next year.

The first task of the committee was to choose a theme – a topic of current interest to the industry, selected two years before the conference takes place.  Our theme for the conference is To the Beach and Beyond – Rethinking Global Networks. This was carefully selected to represent the massive changes that have occurred in our industry even in the short space of time since Dubai in 2016.

We have already appointed the Vice Chairs of the Papers Committee, two well-known and respected professionals in our industry, Marc-Richard Fortin and Stephen Dawe.

In addition, we have selected six challenging topics for the Master Class sessions on Day 1 of the Conference. To enhance these further, Submarine Telecoms Forum, Inc. will be awarding accredited Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to qualifying attendees. This will address some of the key progressive issues identified by the SubOptic Executive Committee and the Program Committee. We see education as a differentiator to other conferences in our industry and along with the more technical emphasis in the oral and posters sessions we will continue along this path.

Three other challenges that we will address in 2019 are diversity, globalization and demographics. You will see from the Master Classes that we aim to tackle the diversity and globalization issues head on.  There have been many changes in the interim years since the inception of SubOptic from an industry that catered for telephonic links between the economic hubs in Japan, Western Europe and North America to a data-centric business that touches nearly every countries’ shores. In order to continue to prosper we must reflect this in the attendance in New Orleans as well as the 2022 event, which is already in planning for the Far East.

Finally, a word on demographics. We are essentially an ageing congregation (myself included). The industry will continue to thrive, as there is no better medium than optical fibre. We have to bring in young blood and the CE scheme will hopefully encourage employees to send some graduates to the event as well as support them to present either papers or equally important poster.

Dr. Stuart Barnes, SubOptic 2019 Conference Program Chair

Dr. Stuart Barnes, Xtera


Marc-Richard Fortin, SubOptic 2019 Papers Committee Co-Chairman

Marc-Richard Fortin, TE SubCom

I was happily surprised when Stuart Barnes asked me on the phone a few months back if I would accept to participate at SubOptic! Of course! This is such a great conference! For those who never attended – please do not miss it!

There is so much content to be discussed at SubOptic 2019. The telecom industry as a whole has become an essential service, the submarine networks by themselves are supporting an incredible amount of the worldwide communication.

Each and every member of the industry is going through some transformation: the vendors are changing, the operators, the OTT are expanding at an incredible rate, new technology and new roles are defined.

This is a very exciting time for the industry so please submit your abstracts, papers, and come to present what the future will look like at SubOptic 2019!

Steve Dawe, Vodafone

I am delighted to be able to extend my association with SubOptic for the 2019 conference. When Stuart Barnes asked me to participate as Papers Committee Co-Chairman it was an opportunity for me to have more input to the production of this global event.

As Marc observes, the industry is going through an evolutionary period, where this leads is still unclear. This points to a topic-rich environment for SubOptic 2019 Papers.

Marc and I, working with our Vice Chairs and their teams of reviewers, who support the Papers Committee, are looking forward to receiving your abstract submissions and are pleased to accept the challenge to deliver a further ground breaking Conference for the industry.