Bikes and Bones

Available: April 7 – Morning
Tour Duration: 3 Hours
Cost per Person: $150

There is no better way to explore New Orleans than by bike. You will meet your tour guide and be given a brief history of New Orleans before cycling down the Esplanade Ridge to the Mid City area. While passing the beautiful landmarks unique to the city, your tour guide will offer details of New Orleans history and its cityscape. You will stop at City Park for refreshments before heading back to your hotel.

New Orleans is a city of dichotomies, perhaps best represented in its traditional Catholic heritage and a subculture of voodoo. Voodoo is a religion brought to New Orleans from West Africa and influenced by refugees from Saint Domingue, today known as Haiti. Our guide will explain the history behind the melding of African and Haitian Voodoo and how this came to gel with Roman Catholicism in New Orleans, along with touring past sites of Voodoo worship.

Guests will be escorted into the French Quarter from their hotel, where guests will jump on rented bicycles and ride into one of New Orleans’ cemeteries most iconic Cemeteries, St. Louis No. 1. Because of the climate and soil conditions, New Orleanians have traditionally had to bury their dead above ground since the founding of the city in the 18th century. Marie Laveau, the voodoo priestess, is buried in St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, and her grave is still visited by many voodoo practitioners.

Guests will receive a gris gris bag from “Marie Laveau,” as she explains the beliefs and tales of New Orleans Voodoo. Your personal gris gris bag is voodoo medicine that may create for good luck, increased business, love, fertility, or your choice of healing need, all within the frame of a Real Creole Voodoo Ritual! The group will then bike back to the French Quarter to return bicycles, then walk back to their hotel.

What better way to gain a true understanding of New Orleans, its city side, atmosphere, and culture – than from the “up-close and personal” seat of a bicycle!