The presentations will address the following topic areas and will bring the attendee up to speed on the latest trends and debates in this sector. The class will cover 3 topic areas

Desktop Study and Survey

Getting it right first time requires getting the right information in hand to make informed decisions on routes and cable types. In addition to chart work this involves getting the right information to avoid down-stream issues both from an installation perspective but also in terms of long term O&M. Over recent years surveying techniques have become more sophisticated and this will be addressed firstly by the presenters, who will outline the latest trends and supporting technologies and ask the question as to whether we are sacrificing quality over price. Have we forgotten what quality looks like?

Platform technology

One of the most expensive elements of a new system build is without doubt the marine installation cost. Will the market ever be in a position to create a sustainable long term position to allow operators to invest and build new innovative tonnage that will subsequently help in driving down the cost of marine operations and reduce their environmental impact.

The presenter (from a well known Ship Builder) will discuss these challenges and discuss the merits and demerits of the new vessels emerging in the market.

Onboard technologies

Many of the on-board technologies have changed little over the last two decades! Linear cable engine, saddle backs, ploughs, trenchers, etc. Ploughing in particular has evolved along with trencher jetting technologies in order to address the evolving requirements, ploughing beyond 1500m DOW and to DOB of 3m. Are these specifications realistic or even required and do we consider long term O&M aspects.

The presenters will discuss the evolutions in burial with support from a leading technology provider Soil Machine Dynamics.

Principal Instructor, Advancements in Marine Installation and Maintenance
Bruce Neilson-Watts, Managing Director – Telecoms
Global Marine

Bruce is the Managing Director – Telecoms at Global Marine and has been involved in the submarine cable industry since 1989 holding positions both offshore and onshore at Global Marine and both its joint ventures in China. In his current role he manages a global team responsible for all the installation and maintenance activities that the business undertake.

Associate Instructor, Advancements in Marine Installation and Maintenance
Paul Davison, Managing Director
Soil Machine Dynamics