SubOptic To Highlight Your Talents, Abstracts Accepted Through End Of August

Read more about the process for submitting abstracts for the SubOptic 2019 conference. If you have an idea you'd like to present at the conference next year in New Orleans, submitting a paper is the best way to get heard!Blog
May 14, 2018

Since the dates for SubOptic 2019 were announced in December of 2017, we’ve been fielding the same question…”When is the ‘Call for Papers’?”

If you haven’t heard…the Call for Papers was released on 16 April 2018!  In previous blog posts we discussed the eight topics and the process. See Part 1 here for information on the first four topics and Part 2 here for the second four topics.

Now it’s time to really dig into the particulars of the official Call for Papers.

SubOptic Association President, Yves Ruggerie, RGConsulting opens the announcement with a welcome message to the industry.

“With the Call for Papers launch, you now have a terrific opportunity to participate in this much-awaited event and be part of its ongoing success. It is the one event that encourages people from all walks of the subsea community to discuss in depth the issues that are more and more critical to our industry.”  

Dr. Stuart Barnes, Program Committee Chair expresses his excitement at being chosen.

“Three other challenges that we will address in 2019 are diversity, globalization and demographics. You will see from the Master Classes that we aim to tackle the diversity and globalization issues head on.  There have been many changes in the interim years since the inception of SubOptic from an industry that catered for telephonic links between the economic hubs in Japan, Western Europe and North America to a data-centric business that touches nearly every countries’ shores. In order to continue to prosper we must reflect this in the attendance in New Orleans as well as the 2022 event, which is already in planning for the Far East” he says.

Step 1

The first step to submitting an abstract is to understand all of the topics and where your paper will fit best. You may submit more than one abstract in more than one area. All professionals in the subsea industry are eligible to apply provided they meet the Abstract Guidelines.

Step 2

Create and account as an “Author”. All abstracts will be submitted through the online portal. Once you create your account you will be walked through the process of uploading your documents.

Guidelines for submitting require that the abstract be written in English and be 200-300 words in length. It is intended to be a brief summary of the subject to be presented at the event. It is requested that abstracts and papers not be a clear advertisement for a product or company.

A step-by-step of this process is found at

Be sure to begin this process far ahead of the deadline 31 August 2018 to ensure any issues encountered do not delay your submission.

Abstracts will be reviewed by your peers who are knowledgeable and have expertise in the topic area to select the appropriate combination of abstracts to build the best program for the conference in April 2019.