“An exciting conference is being prepared for SubOptic 2019 where the theme will reflect the changing times in the submarine telecommunication industry. The new program will encompass the latest developments in software and hardware technologies, architectures, and ways to fund and deploy subsea communications networks. The wheels are already in motion to make SubOptic 2019 an exciting, progressive and memorable Conference.”

– Stuart Barnes, Xtera
SubOptic 2019 Program Chair

SubOptic 2019 Program Chair, Dr. Stuart Barnes.

The Program Committee is responsible for formulating the overall conference program structure and timetable, determining the overall theme and key topics for the conference and for choosing and organizing Master Class sessions, Keynote Speakers, Round Table and Workshop sessions.  The Program Committee provides guidance to the Papers Committee where required in the Call for Papers process and selection of conference presentation material.

For SubOptic 2019 the Program Committee consists of:

  • Dr Stuart Barnes – Program Committee Chair
  • Marc-Richard Fortin – Papers Committee Co-Chair
  • Stephen Dawe – Papers Committee Co-Chair
  • Ian Clarke and Brian Lavallée – Representing SubOptic 2019 Host
  • Lynsey Thomas – Independent Subsea Telecoms Consultant
  • Alice Shelton – SubOptic 2016 Program Chair
  • Keith Shaw – Representing the Regional Champions
  • Shota Masuda, NEC

The members of the Program Committee together with the Papers Committee have many years of experience in the submarine networks industry.  Every one of the team is dedicated to making SubOptic 2019 as successful as we possibly can.